American Trained Physician Consultants

This group of American trained physicians with specialties such as general surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, pulmonary/intensive care, gastroenterology, gynecology, oncology/hematology, radiology and neurology will provide consultations free of charge to the physicians and their patients in Cambodia. Please contact Samrang Kchao, M.D, in New York, USA via email at or by cell phone (516) 974-9616

List of Physicians

1- Kchao Samrang, M.D General Surgery
2- Peter Nnaemeka, M.D General Surgery
3- Roland Purcell, M.D Vascular Surgery
4- Alex Dufresne, M.D Cardiology
5- Mohammad Dogar, M.D Cardiology
6- Rodney Becher, M.D Urology
7- Wally Kopelowitz, M.D Ophthalmology
8- Danilo Enriquez, M.D Pulmonary and Intensive Care
9- Mahammed Mansour, M.D Gastroenterology
10- Jacques Guillaume, M.D. Gynecology
11- David Trauber, M.D Oncology and Hematology
12- Robert Limani, M.D Radiology
13- Shamah Q. Iqbal, M.D Pathology
14- Aama A. Baqui, M.D Pathology
15- Laurent Bordes, M.D Neurology
16- Sandra Robinson, M.D Endocrinology & Internal Medicine