Mission Preah Vihear Relife 2011

Build Back Stronger

It is better late than never.

After a long delay due to security concern, volunteers and donors from FOC net team (Cambodia) finally was able to distribute the long awaiting Karuna Cambodia donation on June 11 -12, 2011.

With the intention to improve their living condition, 100 families in the villages of Chambak and Akphiwat in Choam Khsant district each received 10 sheets of galvanized tin roofing sheet to help them endure the weather during the rainy season. They also received drum for rain water storage.

In addition, basic necessities (rice, mosquito net, blanket and soap) have been distributed to those who need it.

Some families received toilet as per their request.

For the families who look forward, they got a hold to the seed for the coming farming season.

Funding Effort

This mission in numbers:

Administration:                All Karuna Cambodia Associates are volunteers

Operation:                          Fund:          $ 2,856          Expense:             $ 218     (7.6%– best in class)


The overall fund for this project is $ 4,814.
In addition to KARUNA CAMODIA fund, FOC Net family (Cambodia) who volunteers to manage the distribution of the donation contributes $ 1,958 to make the relief effort a reality.
Special Thanks to Generous Contributors



The Thai aggression on Preah Vihear has caused damages to this ancient temple, loss of lives and misery for thousands of innocent Cambodians.

For their safety, more than 3,000 Cambodian families were fleeing to Refugee Camps, where they are faced with lack of food, clean drinking water, and adequate protection against weather, mounting sanitation and health problems.
We will need to help them, in every way we can, to face this serious crisis.
Back to their villages, they face even tougher challenge.