Mission Oddar Meanchey

Testimony of volunteer:

“ My friend will help to transport the water filter without charge from Siemreap to the evacuee camp in Samroang since he has truck! He will also provide us, volunteers from Battambang, lodging and food. ”- Vann Vanroth

Testimony of the recipient:

“ No NGO or Agency gives us water filter, only supports us with food and tents. When we returned home, we worry about the poison smoke that Thai soldier used to attack the village. We never have this water filter before. Some of us who had it, they were destroyed in the fighting. ”- Name unknown

Sight and Sound:

Build Back Stronger

Karuna Cambodia team took steps to alleviate the consequence of these clashes.

Concerned about hygiene and health, university student volunteers from Battambang, under the leadership of local Karuna associate, distributed 100 ceramic water filters to villagers in the conflict zone of Thmor Doun and Ta Marnn Meanchey, in Kok Morn Commune, Oddar Meanchey province .

Water-borne disease is a leading cause of child mortality, lost productivity, and poverty in Cambodia. This simple, low-cost ceramic water filter assures families of safe drinking water.

Funding Effort

This mission in numbers:

Administration:                All Karuna Cambodia Associates are volunteers

Operation:                          Fund:                    $ 1,676                  Expense:             $ 176     (10.5%- best in class)

Special Thanks to Generous Contributors


Several days of border fighting between Cambodian and Thai troops have taken a heavy toll on villages in the path of artillery fire. At least 8,670 Cambodian families (35,266 people) had been displaced in the fighting. Most of the refugees are women and children.

“I’m very worried about my wife and my family members who fled during the farming season and didn’t take any rice with them”  lamented a Cambodian farmer who decided to stay home to tender his properties, in spite of the looming dangers.

Evacuees have gathered in Oddar Meanchey’s Samroang town, roughly 45 kilometers from the border, at pagodas and schools. Many have been forced to sleep under buildings or tents during the heavy rain that has fallen this week.