Mission Takeo (Healthcare)

Build Back Stronger

Karuna provided 100 ceramic water filters to flood victims in Takeo.
“Though the donation is small, this is the culture of sharing sufferings and helping each other.”

Funding Effort

This mission in numbers:

Administration: All Karuna Cambodia Associates are volunteers
Operation: $ 1,400

  • Direct aid- $ 1.400
  • Expense-  $ 0
Not including school supply


With no clean water in the village — plumbing and electricity are nonexistent in its bamboo shacks — villagers are forced to bathe, cook and wash their clothes and dishes in the same fetid floodwaters where they defecate.
Access to sanitation is low and water quality is poor, contributing to high incidences of diarrheal diseases. These alone account for one-fifth of the deaths of children age five and under in Cambodia, and an estimated 10,000 overall deaths annually.

The flooding merely exacerbates an already poor situation. It is a reminder of the importance of safe drinking water.