Mission Ek Phom (Education)

Among the flood victims are students who missed the class for a month and a half due to temporary school closure because of submerged classroom or no transportation due to submerged road.

Karuna Cambodia, concerned about the negative impact on education, makes available a fund of $250 to support activity that is complementary to other organizations in order to maximize its impact.

All stakeholders, students, parents and teachers,will organize “QUALITY TUTORIAL” sessions with peer tutors and teachers on major subjects (math, physic, chemistry) on the weekend for the benefit of the students of grade 9 and 12at Ek Phnom, Battambang to be ready for the national exam at the end of school year.

How you can help: $100 can hire grade 9 teacher for a month (4 weeks or 20 days) of tutoring.