Flood Recovery 2011


Testimony of the victims:

“Normally at this time of year everything is dry. The government can only help a small number of people — they don’t have the capacity.”- Unidentified

“I hope my children can avoid getting sick,” Davi said, adding that her baby has suffered three bouts of diarrhea since the floods hit. “If one of the kids get sick, my family has to eat porridge instead of rice because we must save money for the medical fees.”-  Davi

Mission KampongThom (Agriculture)

Mission Ek Phnom (Education)

The severe flooding has had a dramatic impact on the livelihoods of poor farmers in remote areas.
More than 10% of the country’s rice crop has been destroyed or damaged. Many rural communities are in urgent need of assistance to rebuild their lives.
There are 18 provinces affected by flood and Kampong Thom is the hardest hit province. readmore
Among the flood victims are students who missed the class for a month and a half due to temporary school closure because of submerged classroom or no transportation due to submerged road.Karuna Cambodia, concerned about the negative impact on education, makes available a fund of $250 to support activity that is complementary to other organizations in order to maximize its impact. readmore

Mission Takeo (Healthcare)

Mission Bakong (Essential Supplies)

With no clean water in the village — plumbing and electricity are nonexistent in its bamboo shacks — villagers are forced to bathe, cook and wash their clothes and dishes in the same fetid floodwaters where they defecate.Access to sanitation is low and water quality is poor, contributing to high incidences of diarrheal diseases. These alone account for one-fifth of the deaths of children age five and under in Cambodia, and…readmore This season, people were simply swallowed by water following cataclysmic monsoon rains that brought torrents down from the mountains. Wide swaths of Cambodia’s countryside have become giant lakes.Three-quarters of the entire country swamped and 1.6 million people — about 1 in 10 — affected.At least 250 people and countless livestock have died in Cambodia. readmore