Family Garden


  • Cambodia faces malnutrition and poor health in spite of farmers representing 70% of the country population.
  • More than 80% of vegetables are imported from neighboring countries and have been contaminated with chemical additives.


  • Promote vegetable and crop production in villages free of charge.
  • Improve the diet of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations particularly pregnant or lactating women, infants and children.
  • Promote concept of sharing and helping in the community.
  • Retake Cambodian pride by producing our own healthy produce to make us self-sustainable.



  1. Form local management teams with names and phone numbers in the villages
  2. If possible ,include volunteer students from the various respective villages
  3. Local group/students responsibilities :
    1. Select the seeds
    2. Distribute seeds to different villages
    3. Educate villagers about the basic principles of Karuna Family garden
    4. Introduce modern farming techniques such as organic farming abilities.
    5. Solve farming problems such as irrigation and plotting issues
    6. Sow and distribute new vegetables to the rest of villagers for free
    7. Save new seedlings for the following season and for others villages
    8. Encourage villagers to share new crops with friends and neighboring villages to allow maximal effect and diversify crop production
    9. Encourage to plant extra vegetables and sell the excess, thereby increasing the income
    10. Send a report to Karuna every six months with pictures. (example: Khmer New Year, summer break or Phchum Ben, etc.)

Purpose and Impact

The Karuna Family Garden partnership with Student Volunteers is intended to:
a) Increase the production and encourage the consumption of self-grown nutrient rich vegetables.
b) Get students actively involved in the development of the community.

You can make a difference

Volunteer to promote consumption of home-grown micro-nutrient-rich vegetables.
Contact: Karuna Cambodia (
Donate Now to better overall quality of diet \of poorer populations
Make check payable to KARUNA CAMBODIA and mail to 8309 Vernelle Ln., Henrico, VA 23229

Family     $1        Village     $50      Commune     $400      District      $4,000         Province   $30,000

Every gift is appreciated. Every gift counts.