Commune Enterprise – Takeo


60 families in Takeo make rattan basket. They need to get raw material from the forest in Kampong Thom now but they need fund to cover transportation cost.

Karuna Cambodia will provide seed money to Takeo Karuna Cooperative to satisfy the Basket Karuna Group needs now. After the completion of the project, Basket Karuna Group will reimburse the fund to

Takeo Karuna Cooperative will use this fund to help finance 120 families who need water melon seed for the coming planting season (beginning in April or May depend on the rain).

Financial Status
Established: April, 13 2012
Funding: USD 700
Tota Project: 1 (Basket making)
Total Family Impacted: 45
Trustee: Tan Chiep (   +855 97 951 6945)

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