Commune Enterprise

  • The poor, uneducated Cambodians struggling for survival and living a tough life have little or no access to banking system. They are forced to take loan from middlemen at interest rates 40-120 percent. To repay these loans, they have to work hard all their life and in many instances have to forfeit their land/house. … Read More

Family Garden

  • Promote vegetable and crop production in villages free of charge
  • Improve the diet of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations particularly pregnant or lactating women, infants and children
  • Promote concept of sharing and helping in the community
  • Retake Cambodian pride by producing our own healthy
  • produce to make us self-sustainable… Read More

Sustainable Housing

  • Family really needs help
  • Recommended by local villagers, students team and selected by KARUNA CAMBODIA
  • Motivation to help self
  • Has plot to build the sustainable house
  • Support with:Family Garden, Commune Enterprise
    , House …Read More

Flood Recovery 2011

  • “Normally at this time of year everything is dry. The government can only help a small number of people — they don’t have the capacity.”- Unidentified

    “I hope my children can avoid getting sick,” Davi said, adding that her baby has suffered three bouts of diarrhea since the floods hit. “If one of the kids get sick, my family has to eat porridge instead of rice because we must save money for the medical fees.”- Davi ReadMore

Mission Preah Vihear

  • The Thai aggression on Preah Vihear has caused damages to this ancient temple, loss of lives and misery for thousands of innocent Cambodians.
    For their safety, more than 3,000 Cambodian families were fleeing to Refugee Camps, where they are faced with lack of food, clean drinking water, and adequate protection against weather, mounting sanitation and health problems.
    We will need to help them, in every way we can, to face this serious crisis.
    Back to their villages, they face even tougher challenge. ReadMore

Mission Oddar MeanChey

  • “ No NGO or Agency gives us water filter, only supports us with food and tents. When we returned home, we worry about the poison smoke that Thai soldier used to attack the village. We never have this water filter before. Some of us who had it, they were destroyed in the fighting. ”- Name unknown ReadMore