Need help for HIV patients in Roka,Cambodia

On November 2014, in Roka commune, Battambang province in Cambodia, a large HIV outbreak occurred when an unlicensed medical practitioner reused syringes resulting in 289 people contracting HIV (1) .

A research study conducted by The Institute of Pasteur  (2) HIV/Hepatitis Unit along with researchers from various organisations on HIV in Roka commune revealed a staggering rate of 67 percent also tested positive for Hepatitis C. ( more )

Although they received free HIV medication from the clinic, the cost of medication (Mavyret) for Hepatitis C alone is more than twenty six thousand dollars ($13,200 per month for 2 months in USA).

All of them are poor, uneducated, and earn less than $7 per day before contracting HIV.

Currently they are too sick and too weak to work. There are no resources or assistance to provide for their needs before they succumb to HIV and/or Hepatitis C.


On December 2017, Karuna Cambodia, a charity organization with 501(C)(3)

plan to help to each of 270 people currently still alive with:

– textbooks to students (one textbook for $2 )
– 1 bag of rice (15 kg for $7.50 )
– 5 can of sardines ($0.65/can)
– 10 bags of noodle ($0.15/.bag)
– 1 bottle of soy sauce ($0.65)
– 1 bottle of fish sauce ($0.65)
– salt ($0.50)
– sugar ($0.75/ kg )
– cooking oil ($0.75)

Any help to comfort these families will be greatly appreciated.

Please make check payable to Karuna Cambodia and mailed to Karuna Cambodia 634 Oakwood Ct,Westbury,NY 11590

Your donation is tax deductible.


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 (2) The Phnom Penh Post