About Us

Board of Directors- Current

Samrang Kchao – President
Samrang Kchao was born in 1948 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He graduated from lyceéSisowath in 1966, and received an M.D. degree in 1973, from Faculté de Medecine in Phnom Penh. Dr. Kchao is a general surgeon in New York. He is married, with three children. He was a coordinator involved with the computer literacy program funded by Friends of lycée Sisowath (FLS) and Lycée Sisowath Alumni (LSA). Presently,he is the Board of Director and former President of the Cambodian Education Excellence Foundation. He is also a strong supporter in helping fundraising for Friends Without A Border (FWAB).

Chiep Tan – Vice President
Born in 1947, Prey Kabbas, Takeo, a former teacher and a survivor of the Killing Field,
Chip Tan came to the US in 1979. With his extensive experiences in Rural Community Development,
he is employed in Social Services field. He has involved in Khmer and Asian Pacific Islander community,
at a local, regional, and national level. He has received several awards in recognition of his involvement
in raising fund to buy 45 new computers and to provide financial support for poor students at Phni Meas High School,
raising fund to build schools and temples in Prey Kabbas, Takeo, and in leading a fight against Cambodian deportation.
An alumni of Lyceé Sisowath, Chip Tan graduated from Kampong Kantuot Teacher Training Institute in 1968, attended Law School, Phnom Penh, in 1972, Community Development Training in 1970-1974, and City University,
Bellevue, WA, School of Social Work in 1982.Presently,he is a board member of CEE Foundation.

Kim Chhan Nuon – Treasurer
Kim Chhan Nuon was born in KompongKhleang, Chi Kreng district, Siemreap, Cambodia.
He attended the primary school inSiemreap, high school in Battambang, and graduated from lycée
Sisowath in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Kim Chhan worked for the Royal Office of Cooperatives of Cambodia (OROC).
He was a survivor of the Democratic Kampuchea regime from 1975 to 1979.
He migrated to the US as a refugee in 1982, and has settled in Richmond, Virginia.
He is currently retired; he has been actively involved with CEE Foundation to promote the development of education in Cambodia.

Davouth Khuon – Former Vice President & Board Director
Davouth Khuon (also as Dave Khuon) was born in 1947, in Battambang, Cambodia.
He graduated from ITSAKS (currently ITC) in EE, and from the faculté des sciences in applied math, in Cambodia in 1969-70. He started working for IBM as a system engineer. In 1973, he came to the US, to pursue a master degree in computer sciences at IIT, Chicago. Dave is married, and has 2 children. Dave is currently a senior technology consultant at Hewlett Packard. He is involved with the Cambodian Association of Illinois and the Cambodian Education Excellence Foundation, whose goal is to improve the education of Cambodian children.

Lim KEUKY – Board Director
He was born on 1937 in Kampong Khléang, Siemreap,Cambodia.
On 1961, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from University of Texas, USA and on 1979, he obtained a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy (Pharmacodynamics) from University of Paris V and a D.E.A Endocrinology, University of Paris VI, FRANCE.In 1964, he worked as Director of biochemistry laboratory (Cambodia Public Hospital)
and between 1964-1973, he was a biology Professor at the Phnom Penh College
of Pharmacy. Job titles include Quality Assurance Director, Scientific Director in European
multi – national pharmaceutical industries, 1979-1993 Short-term consultant
at UNDP (TOKTEN Fellowship), and at the World Health Organization (EDM),
1993 to 2004.Founder of two NGOs in Cambodia: Institut du Diabète (IDD-Cambodia) and the Cambodian Diabetes Association (CDA), 1998 to date. Member of Cambodian Parliament, Vice-Chairman of Cambodian National Assembly (during Chief of State Norodom Sihanouk Era – 1966-1970), Information Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs (during the Khmer Republic Era – 1970-1975) Contributions to contemporary Khmer culture research, contributions to Excavation Project on Jayawarman VII Hospitals, 2002 to date.

Sokphal Kchao – Former President
Sokphal was born in 1958 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
He graduated from Lyceé Sisowath- Cambodia, Florida International University (BSEE) and University of Miami (MBA)- USA.
A survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime, Sokphal is married with 2 children.
He works with Motorola at various capacities in the US and Malaysia design centers.