KARUNA CAMBODIA is a US registered 501 (C) (3) not – for – profit organization dedicates to enriching the live of underprivileged Cambodian by:

  • Alleviating the suffering of individual and community from natural disaster and beyond
  • Relieving the suffering of the community in inopportune situation to be ready for the fresh start with a foundation for sustainability.
  • Supporting the restituted and neglected Cambodian in making a difference in people’s lives ,uplift their community, and live out their dreams
  • Promoting the spirit of sharing and caring that can truly help others and improve lives.

We dedicate to compile digitally an entire catalog of Cambodian books, manuscripts (Kraing,Sastra…), lyrics at www.elibraryofcambodia.org

  • In one location
  • With instant and free access to the public
  • At no cost to users
  • Preservation our rich history for generations to come
  • Prevention of lost of information from disaster, natural or manmade….

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Sustainable Housing

  • Family really needs help
  • Recommended by local villagers, students team and selected by KARUNA CAMBODIA
  • Motivation to help self
  • Has plot to build the sustainable house
  • Support with:Family Garden, Commune Enterprise, House …Read More

Help neglected children living in prisons with their mothers in Cambodia

Karuna Cambodia helps deserved underprivileged Cambodian.
We are working on the development and implementation of the project “Children in prison” in Cambodia.
The project reaches three prisons in the country and aims at… Read More

Planting Trees #2

Under leadership of Venerable Sam Art Oeurn have planted 400 trees over 12 acres at Wat Toul Sleng,Kandal on November 17, 2013. Read More

For Flood Relief In Battembang

Through a hard work of our volunteer students in P.Penh & Battembang ,KARUNA CAMBODIA has donated short term relief (noodle,fish sauce,salt,sugar) and long term relief (rice seed &vegetable seed ) to 120 flood victim families in Ek Phnom,Battembang on November 2,2013. Read More

Flood Relief In Kampong Thom

On November 9, 2013 ,Wat Buddha Vongsa and KARUNA CAMBODIA including many volunteer students from P.Penh have donated flood relief to 100 victims families & 300 students in Kg Thom . Read More

Khmer Flood Relief 2013

Working with volunteer students, Karuna Cambodia (www.karunacambodia.org ) will help these flood victims by providing:

  • 65% of funds for rice seed/vegetable seed as a part of long term support,
  • 5% of funds for health education and basic knowledge through workshops, during relief goods distribution,
  • 30% of funds for rice, salt, sugar, fish sauce and various items of daily use, for immediate relief. Read More

New Homes For Low Income Cambodian Families Press Release

Collaboration between three NGOs results in design competition that brings new life to housing design and delivery for low income families living in Cambodia. Building Trust International, Habitat for Humanity and KARUNA CAMBODIA announce details of the winning projects that will be built later this year. Read More

Family Garden

  • Promote vegetable and crop production in villages free of charge
  • Improve the diet of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations particularly pregnant or lactating women, infants and children
  • Promote concept of sharing and helping in the community
  • Retake Cambodian pride by producing our own healthy
  • produce to make us self-sustainable… Read More

Commune Enterprise

  • The poor, uneducated Cambodians struggling for survival and living a tough life have little or no access to banking system. They are forced to take loan from middlemen at interest rates 40-120 percent. To repay these loans, they have to work hard all their life and in many instances have to forfeit their land/house. … Read More

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